Shimmer – Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition

The summer season is here and so is the wedding season, the latter calls for endless shopping trips to prep for various events like mehandi, sangeet, wedding, reception etc. A wedding exhibition/fair gives you the option of having everything under one roof. There are numerous boutiques/labels, which take part in these events to showcase their [...]


Decor – Idli Boutique, Jaipur

Great design is always a visceral process. It is something that you filter through your own perception, your own view of the world at the moment. And out of this you will find a new voice, a new message, a new pattern, a new motive. This is exactly what Idli, A boutique nestled in the [...]

Decor – Homes of the stars Part 2

Continuing with our previous decor post about celebrity homes that can inspire us and are not so gigantic, here's the remaining list- 3. Parineeti Chopra - Her home is as bubbly as the actress herself is, with Jazz inspired artworks and a complete bohemian vibe. It is exactly how the home of a twenty-something dame [...]

Decor – Homes of the stars

I realised that we had done only one decor post so far while it is a topic that fascinates me a lot. Redesigning a space is like a meditation in itself, it declutters your mind and also helps to jettison things which aren't needed anymore. The inspiration for this post came from the numerous articles [...]