Beauty Review- The Body Shop’s LipScuff

A girl can never have too many lipsticks, a vibrant lip colour can suddenly transform the look from work-appropriate to party ready. But the excess use of cosmetics combined with the vagaries of the weather can leave the lips flaky and chapped. The Body Shop has launched a unique product called lipscuff, which is basically a scrub to buff dry lips, leaving them soft and supple. It is shaped exactly like a lipstick and is to be applied in the same manner, leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then wipe the residue with a tissue. 

Pros – 
– completely organic and cruelty free. 

– exfoliates and moisturises lips, leaving them smooth.

– easy to carry and easy to use.

– soothing minty fragrance.

Cons – 

– None absolutely 😍

Overall Rating- 9 on 10 

If you have ever used this lipscuff or plan to use it, Do share your experience with us ❀️


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