Grab The Sale :)

This post is about the drool-worthy sale going on in two of my absolute favourite brands. A visit to their stores is a must part of my shopping spree, not only when I am into the buying mode,but also to have a glimpse on all the new trendy stuff in stock.

Chumbak  store is like a little wonderland with so many cute little things in vibrant colours. They have a 70 percent discount going on a lot of stuff and some of these are ones that I have bought previously without sale, it’s the perfect time to grab them. A hard learned lesson 😦

Here are my favourite picks from Chumbak , both original and after-discount prices have been mentioned.







Stuff from Charles & Keith is like an heirloom possession and the brand is a big source of inspiration for me to save some money and buy their products which are a sheer delight. This was one of the most unexpected surprises that I have ever encountered, when the saleslady at the store apprised us of the fact that a 25-60 percent discount is going on a whole lot of things. It was music to my ears,I didn’t have any idea that Charles and Keith offers things on sale too. It’s the perfect time to own the bag/ sandals / sunglasses that you have been eyeing from long. I purchased sandals priced at approx 5000 rupees in 2000 bucks, couldn’t have asked for more. A separate post on what I bought soon 😉


Footwear from Charles & Keith


Bag and footwear from Charles & Keith

A big thanks to every one who took part in our giveaway-contest, the results will be out on our Facebook /Instagram Page tomorrow.

See you soon.

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