Apparel : An Ode to Saree

Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does. It signifies the grace and poise of a woman and shapes the curves for sensuality to loosen. The long trail of cloth – no stitch , no zip yet oozes valour and strength. 

From Chanderi to Paithani, Kanjeevaram to Bandhani, Sambalpuri to Jamdani – There are a plethora of styles and fabrics to choose from. Saree is not just an attire, it is a representation of our vivid culture and diversity which gets reflected in so many varieties and draping patterns. 

For an army wife, saree is the most important part of her wardrobe. Be it any mess party or a raising day, The Army expects you to be draped perfect for the evening. I have a new found love for sarees and nothing beats the feeling of wearing something from your mother’s collection. A saree is a beautiful part of a family’s heirloom which a mother passes on to her daughter.

Saree- The most beautiful attire and a timeless fashion which refuses to retire. Here’s a look at these timeless beauties adorning the six yards. 

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