Apparel : Retro Party

One of the biggest privileges of being an army wife is that you get to attend so many social gatherings and a chance to mingle with new people and make friends. Also these give an opportunity to showcase your creative talent in a wide variety of genres. The inspiration for this post is from the first ladies meet I attended and the theme was “Retro” . From big hair to crazy clothing, retro parties are one of the few times when you get the opportunity to dress up in completely eccentric styles, with dramatic makeup and hairdo to complete the look.

Here are some great tips on how to rock the look for a retro party –

1. Bring out the hippie in you – 

From bright colours to crazy accessories, bringing out the hippie in you is one way to nail the retro look. Round tinted glasses, peace sign pendants and belts with wide buckles are all accessories that were a big hit in the 70s. Let go of your hang ups, it was all about being bold and loud back then.

2. Hairspray !! 

Big hair was such an “in” thing back then, everyone had so much volume in their hair. Recreate the look by opting for a nice bouffant that our Bollywood actresses loved to sport.

3. Bell Bottoms –

Nothing is more retro than a pair of bell-bottom jeans. These were more flared than the modern boot-cut jeans and were so popular in the 80s that they have become synonymous with the retro age look.

4. Wear floral prints –

There is something about floral prints that just screams retro. So if you do not own any clothing that looks retro, then simply wear a floral print dress or top to give your outfit a retro vibe.

5. Get your makeup right –

Makeup is another big aspect that can help you nail the retro look. Opt for dramatic makeup like bold red lips and winged eyeliners.

The 70s and 80s were all about discovering yourself and 
reinventing yourself constantly. So take a leaf out of their book and reinvent yourself for the retro party and have fun doing it. Here’s a look at our very own Divas from the retro party.


4 thoughts on “Apparel : Retro Party

  1. The beauty of the writing makes you fall in love with the dressing style of yesteryear of 7os and 80s. It's a retro on platter in toto; brings one to the conclusion of this must collection to surprise your folks during theme gatherings and become COA- Centre of Attraction.


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