Accessories- Bagaholics

I have a big fetish for handbags 😍 and my mother keeps scolding me for buying so many of them and I am pretty sure my bag collection will soon overtake my apparel collection. A bag adds so much glamour to any look and there are so many styles to choose from. Be it a satchel or a clutch or a tote bag or a messenger bag or a hobo one, there are so many of them.

I decided to pick 5 of my current favourites and brief you about the pricing and also the brand information. Here’s a look –

(They all are pocket friendly 😉)

1. I have already done a blogpost about my love for tote bags from Chumbak.

                                  “Travel Diaries Tote Bag”  from Chumbak
                                                  Price – 995 Rupees 

2. Got this cute bag from Shoppers Stop, it is perfect for casual outings/movies.
Brand – Rocky Star
Price -1500 Rupees
3. This is inspired from Anushka Sharma’s look in “Ae dil hai mushkil” 
“The Fringe Bag” from Lifestyle 
Price – 1599 Rupees
4. I got my hands on this wonderful bag for a great discount from the great Indian fashion sale at Amazon. 
Brand- Sugarush 
Price- 499 rupees ( original price- 1600 approx)
5. Metallic tones are so much in trend and this is a gold toned metallic bag I bought from Myntra. It is super chic.
Brand- Dressberry
Price- 899 Rupees 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Superb awesome. Now I understand the girlie madness for bags. I am sure the post on remaining ones will also be out soon.


  2. Top class description. Demystifing the implicit logic behind fashion, style and usefulness. Highly recommended for folks who struggle to figure out accessories to be purchased.


  3. mool singh says:

    superb….no words to say …it's by default.


  4. Thank you for the lovely comment 😊


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