Accessories : Terracotta Jewellery

 Handcrafted things never go out of fashion and they always add a quaint charm to our look. One such handcrafted style of jewellery is “Terracotta“. The word literally means baked earth and is made from natural clay. It is an exotic form of ornamentation that adds a bohemian look and can be teamed up with bright coloured outfits.

The terracotta jewellery is hand painted in earthy hues – brown, grey, blue, pink, green and red – all adding a rustic touch to each jewellery piece. Conventional and the most popular motifs designed in terracotta jewellery include human figurines, animals or the gods of the tribes. But to add a modish touch artisans often depict contemporary shapes and patterns.

Here’s a look at some of these beautiful terracotta jewellery pieces. 

You can buy terracotta jewellery from Amazon , Kraftly 
(It is quite pocket friendly 😊


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